Raw, Brave, Painful, Truth, Strength, Beauty

Raw, Brave, Painful, Truth, Strength, Beauty

My sister in law came over today and took some very raw and truth telling photos of where I am in my treatment. I want to share them with all of you, and the world. I’m going to take a few days to absorb the emotions and feelings that overcome me while I take these photos in. I’ll update my blog with my usual long ramblings then. Please know how much courage it took for me to be so vulnerable and honest to share with all of you what true pain and beauty are behind my fight.

3 thoughts on “Raw, Brave, Painful, Truth, Strength, Beauty

  1. To me you are still Missy! Your laugh, your smile I can hear them. I am sure that your changed body reality requires a difficult adjustment. And I know the last couple of months have been hell. I hope sharing your story through such potent photography is just one more way that heals you. Love, Lori

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