The Healing Power of Makeup

Waking up the day after chemo can be quite the ordeal. I’m immediately exhausted, I’m puffy from fluids and steroids, my eyes are swollen and painful, the inside of my nose hurts, my chemo face breakouts have already begun. On top of all of the physical changes, I start to feel nervous for what’s still to come, I feel somewhat insecure in my own skin, and I have about 1 Hr to put my big girl panties on, pull myself together, and just keep swimming. I’ve come to realize how ridiculous I sound when I’m so worried about how I look. I’m fighting a battle of a lifetime, to have a lifetime with my husband and children. I’m being ripped apart by this chemo from the inside out. Who cares what I look like? Well, I’m not that girl who can bravely face the world without putting herself together the best I can before I leave.I am however, the girl that will be open about how I feel, how hard it is,how I look before I cover my face, who won’t cover her scars, port, or burns on her body. I’m me. Getting through each day and this is how I do it. It doesn’t make it any more or less graceful or brave then the women out there who hide from everything, or those who hide nothing at all, we are each beautiful, graceful, brave, and strong. This battle and journey is as individual as we are as individual women. What matters is you’re fighting. The picture below is half of my face put together and work ready, the other is not. You can see I’m really starting to lose my eyebrows and eye lashes now too. There have been some very entertaining eye brow application mornings! Don’t worry, I won’t let you down, you’ll see some of those too ☺️ Have a wonderful day, and make today count!  


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